Support your development for working.

Education objectives

■ Provide education designed with the needs of foreign students in mind. Support students so they can advance to higher education in Japan.
■ Through cross-cultural experiences, cultivate international people who will become bridges between Japan and their countries.
Foster a spirit of “independence, confidence, self-reliance, self-respect” through study abroad life in Japan.

Features of our educational system

■ Our superior instructors who are experienced in Japanese language education teach and support you.
■ Within a homely atmosphere, we strive to create a bright and fun place to study.
■ We respect the individual needs of each student.
■ Former foreign students in our staff offer logistical support to aid students in their everyday lives in Japan.
■ Outstanding students are eligible to receive a scholarship.
■ Various extracurricular activities are incorporated for your enrichment.
■ With students from many countries, there is an excellent international atmosphere..

Learning objectives

■ Learn 4 fundamental areas of study: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
■ Master the required Japanese to study in universities, graduate schools and colleges.
■ Make effort to pass JLPT level N1, N2.
■ Acquire necessary knowledge for employment based on business Japanese and things of Japan.