Enrollment guide

School term

Level Primary, Pre-Intermediate , Intermediate, AdvancedⅠ, AdvancedⅡ
Term Enrolled in April: 2 years Enrolled in July: 1 year 9 months Enrolled in October: 1 year 6 months Enrolled in January: 1 year 3 months
Class Part 1: 4 hours in the morning  Part 2: 4 hours in the afternoon ※School will designate which part (morning or afternoon) student takes.
Class hours per week Monday through Friday; Total 20 hours a week (4 hours a day)


Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and other school-designated holidays
Vacation Spring vacation: Mid-March ~ Early April (about 3 weeks) Summer vacation: August (about 1 month) Autumn vacation: Late September ~ Early October (about 1 week) Winter vacation: Late-December ~ Early January (about 2 weeks)

Application Period

Enrollment Period for Document Submission Immigration Application Announcement of Immigration Results
April September 1 to mid-November Early December End of February to early March
July December 1 to mid-February Early March End of May to early June
October March 1 to mid-May Early June End of August to early September
January June 1 to mid-August Early September End of November to early December


Ministry of Education Encouragement Fee for Foreign students

360,000 yen  30,000 yen/month

KIJ Language Institute: Award to 2 ~ 3 students, once a year, based on grades, attendance and attitude of studying. KIJ Language Institute,Tokyo: Award to 1 ~ 2 students, once a year, based on grades, attendance and attitude of studying.

School’s scholarship

Students with outstanding achievements and high attendance proportion will be awarded at the end of the semester after being considered and evaluated by the school.

1.Reward of Headmaster 50,000 yen For outstanding students whose academic assessment is above A mark and attendance proportion is above 98%.

2.Reward of Effort 20,000 yen For students whose academic assessment above is A mark, attendance proportion is above 95%, and grade is top in their class.

3.Reward of perfect attendance 10,000 yen For students who are not absent, come to school late or leave school early during a semester. (Spring semester/Autumn semester).

4.Reward of encouragement 20,000 yen 1.Reward of 20,000 yen for students who pass JLPT N1 while enrolled at this school. 2.Reward of 10,000 yen for students, from countries without Kanji, who pass the JLPT N2 while enrolled at this school.

5.Reward of special perfect attendance 1000 yen/month For students who are not absent, come to school late or leave school early during the whole term (award at the time of graduation).

Application process

The applicant, an intermediary agency, or a representative in Japan attaches the preliminary survey chart and a copy of the final academic certificate and sends it to our school by fax or email.
We will notify the applicant, intermediary agency, or representative in Japan about the interview or examination date.
Hold interview and written exam in applicants’ country, or interview through the internet.
Results will be sent to the applicant.
The applicant sends documents to us along with an entrance examination fee of \20,000 by post mail. ※This money will be returned if the applicant does not pass our in-school application document screening.
Send "admission letter" to the applicant upon passing the application document screening.
The school will apply to the Osaka Immigration Bureau, Kobe Branch for an " authorization of resident eligibility” for the applicant.
Notify the applicant by either fax or by e-mail with the e-document attached if the “authorization of resident eligibility” is issued. The applicant will then transfer one year’s worth of school expenses to the school’s designated bank account by the designated date.
Once the bank transfer is confirmed, the original " authorization of resident eligibility” will be sent to the student.
The applicant shall apply to the Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her own country for a student visa using the "admission letter", the "authorization of resident eligibility” and his/her passport while the "authorization of resident eligibility” is valid, and shall then receive his/her visa. Note: If the Japanese embassy or consulate refuses to issue a student visa, we will refund all the school expenses remitted except for the entrance examination fee and enrollment fee.
The applicant will notify the school of his/her scheduled arrival date in Japan.
The applicant will enter Japan.